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New Chick Corea Artist website

Chick's awesome management team contacted us wanting to give Chick a new home on the web with all the bells and whistles.  Something they could manage in-house with their team and with a clean fresh look and a funky feel.  They were a great team to work with and we're thrilled with the end result.

New Chick Corea Artist website2013-08-22T16:32:51-07:00

Kelly Preston Official Website

Kelly's website is a showcase for her talents, beauty, actress chops, activism and more.  Really all about her in her inimitable style. View Site FEATURE SET: Dynamic Content Management System Photo Gallery Video Section Causes Section Links Section Fans section with downloadable photo of Kelly Contributions and Achievments Section

Kelly Preston Official Website2011-01-05T15:35:38-07:00

MWPR Public Relations Website

Marlan Willardson, creator & owner of MWPR asked us to build a clean, modern efficient and effective website for her Public Relations firm located in Toluca Lake, California.  It was great fun designing and creating the site for her stylish and smart PR firm.  See what you think. Visit Site FEATURE SET: Content Managment System

MWPR Public Relations Website2011-01-05T15:35:15-07:00

About My Work

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